Sensory Therapy For Kids

During dinner last night I was feeling a little over stimulated by the activity at the table. So, with my husbands willing hands, he sent me on a walk by myself. As adults, we can find ways to decompress and fulfill our need to process the moment, the day or even month that we're facing. However, this task is different for a child. These little hands and feet have not gained the skills that adults (hopefully) have. So, they need a present adult guiding them in this process of self-regulating. With these loving hands, little by little a child can begin to practice these skills on their own. A child's temperament will determine the best way to support them in this learning. 

My youngest little guy rarely has two feet planted on the ground at the same time. His motion is usually a run, jump or skip. Asking our son to walk is like asking me to stop eating chocolate. Slowing down is so very hard for him. Being active is simply part of his temperament. In my own simplified words, tem…

First Home Goodbyes

In the next few days we officially say goodbye to our first home and although its been four years since we’ve actually lived there...the goodbye is bitter sweet. Let me tell you a little story...

In summer of 2007 we moved into our first house. I was about to pop with our first baby and we were SO ready to start our family in this new space. Baby came a couple weeks after our move and we were thrilled! 

Over 40 weeks prego, getting the new house ready AND ready to pop!!!

2008 - Our home value had nearly decreased by MORE than half! We were disappointed to say the least and completely resigned to staying in this home for a VERY long time. There would be no way to sell our home in order to buy a new one for years. We felt the housing crisis along with MANY others. However, we still lovee our home and were thankful for this privileged gift.  
2010 - We brought home baby #2 and our first pet...cause those mesh REALLY well together at the same time! 

Morning Routines

This month we were given the gift of 10 days worth of childcare so we could celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. While we were away, Popop and Mimi mentioned school morning routines were a breeze!! "The kids knew exactly what to do and the mornings went so smoothly." I was thrilled to hear our morning patterns continued even though I wasn't their. You see, it wasn't always this way. There was a key milestone in our familys' life that completely changed how I structured our morning routine. That milestone was our third foster baby (our fourth child and our now adopted and youngest little girl).

I remember our morning routines consisted of me cradling our newborn foster baby, packing lunches and serving out breakfast all while trying to bottle feed the little one in my arms. As seen below, I improvised by creatively managing the bottle feeding...BUT something had to change about our morning routines or I was going to end up needing more than just two cups of co…

Love Heals: Bonding With Our Adopted Son

The following article was written in May 2017 for Flourish Motherhood Magazine's First Issue that was released Feb. 2018. Its been a long wait but I'm excited to share these words with you!!
This month my three year old has been saying "I love you mom" for the first time. This is a little boy that has come from a hard place. Hard places that I'll never really be aware of because he joined our family at 15 months from the foster system. We will never know what those 15 months were like for him but I think we see glimpses in his personality and behavior. "I love you." Those words are bringing healing we need. "I love you." Those words are continually breaking down pieces of a "wall" that is hard to describe and I can't fully wrap my mind around it. Even so, there is freedom felt in writing it down and sharing my heart...

To read the entire article, please visit the following link here: Flourish Motherhood

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A Little Love Story

Once upon a time...
There was a boy that went to college. He lived in the dorms. One day a girl walked into his dorm room and said "Hello." After that, she never walked out of his life. 

They actually did a lot of walking together...they walked to class, walked to dinner and walked after dinner. Sometimes the boy would eat ice cream after dinner and he would eat it really loud. That sometimes bothered the girl. BUT she loved him anyway. 

When they were about to finish their first degrees at college, the boy asked the girl to marry him. She said yes. They were happy.

Several months later, they were married and lived in a little apartment while the boy worked hard at school getting his credential and finally a Masters degree in History. He was so smart. He eventually landed his career in school district finance and budgeting. 
One day they decided to celebrate their love and flew across the ocean to Paris. They had a lovely time there and walked a lot. Being on top of the Eife…