Cultivating A Relationship With Your Children

Last night my oldest daughter melted into a ball of tears "Dad spent time playing with Bubba and now I want to play my game. Its not fair that dad is only playing with him." My oldest son only minutes earlier was crying in his room, "Dad hasn't played with me since Friday, I've been waiting to play with him since Friday." Does this sound familiar to you at all? There is only one of you and so many children!!! What a great "problem" to have. Our children actually WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH US! I know, as they age, this will not always be the case (right now they're 2, 3, 7 and 9). They will eventually spend more time with friends, be busy in extra activities and completing mountains of homework. However, it doesn't make the task of making time with each of our children any easier. I want them to always desire to spend that time with us. As a result, I can quickly fall into feelings of guilt or become overwhelmed with the lack of time for each…

The Lord's Plan For A Stay At Home Mom

This week I was hit with jealousy. The kind of jealousy that causes a domino effect in your thoughts and how you act. I was jealous because I saw someone else experiencing great success in their career.  I'm usually not the jealous type but the Lord is using this situation to fully show His path for me is perfect. You see, the person I was struggling in jealousy over was my husband.  Can you believe that? Don't get me wrong, I'm also very proud of what he has accomplished and how hard he works for our family. That's why I was shocked and confused when these emotions started servicing. So, I began to reflect on this source of jealousy and ultimately my choice to be discontent. As I reflect on where the Lord currently has me; it causes me to think about where I have been. So take a little journey with me...

Many, many years ago I started my college career as a Psychology major. I liked the idea of helping others and counseling those in need. Well, after 1 year I discovere…

When Your Kids Are Sick

A Book I Referred To Several Times As a First Time Mom
I was brought out of my slumber once again by a sick child moaning "mamma" in their bed. We are currently in week four where one or more members have been sick. So, this has inspired my current blog post. Typically it is no fun having sick children. However, in some cases, it truly is a blessing. I'm seeing this season as a blessing because its slowing my children down for a time and me as well. You know Psalms 23? Well, I've been reflecting on this verse as I care for our household's health.

 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.
Did you catch that? "He MAKES me lie down..." Have you ever thought of sickness as something He brings to make us lie down? As a mom I know my plate can become full quickly and I just keep moving. Its hard to just sit and be still; to lie down in green pastures. While being sic…

Organizing A Child's Bedroom

Do you have shadows in your home? I'm not writing about the shadows that are created by the sun streaming through your windows. The shadows I'm writing about are the ones that linger longer than they should creating feelings of unrest (well for me they do). One such shadow in my home has been my children's bedrooms. I was ok simply shutting the doors and slowly chipping away at the cleaning. However, shutting those doors also meant I was keeping the younger siblings out of their rooms because (if we're honest) the space was not safe for littles to explore. So, it was time for a change.
Do you have children that want to keep everything? You know, the ones that see something you've thrown away and say "mom, this isn't trash I want to keep this" and then proceed to take it back out of the trash. Or how about the ones that are sentimental and want to keep random candy wrappers or every shell found from your beach trips? These are my older children. They …

DIY Outdoor Vehicle Site

Guest Blog Post By: Jolie Klassen
I'm so excited to introduce to you one of my good friends! She has so much creativity and loves sharing her gifts over on her blog Today she is guest posting on my blog all about her recent DIY project! With summer quickly approaching I though this was a perfect "get your kids outside" activity! Come take a look and be sure to visit her blog for more fun!!!
Once upon a time ago my littles were much smaller and were easily entertained.  I used to buy one of those wading pools (actually, we still do. . . we have to cool off somehow) and fill it with floating boats, cups and bowls.  The kids would just sit there and pour from one thing to another and then run around like crazy.  It was a nice way to spend our summer mornings.  As they got older and more daring, they slowly added the slide and the cups turned into water fights and well. . . now, my littles aren't so little and I wanted to create a sp…

Encouragement For The Weary Mom

I woke up this morning feeling really downcast. I don't really know why. I just felt defeated and tired and sad before the day even began. I spent some time in the Word and prayer. Still sad. I wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep away the sorrow. In my mind I know I need to give care and attention to my family but there are days I don't feel like it. There are days when knowing it will not move me. So, I must move past my feelings and that is difficult. There are little people that depend on me to love them, feed them and participate in activities with them. Truth be told there are days when I don't want to spend time with my kids let alone plan activities for them.

The days are long and hard and not every moment is enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I love many moments with my children but some moments are so, so, so very difficult. Like when you're outside together and you realize your two and three year old have yanked 10 plus hydrangea buds that were about to…

A Child's Attention Span

He pounded down the hallway straight to the toy shelves we keep in the front room. Hands grab at the nearest container and everything is dumped out on the floor. The truck was pushed around briefly and then thrown onto the pillow nearby. My 3 year old then proceeded to dump the rest of the neatly organized activities I had set out the night before. While I know all this dumping and tossing is a part of the learning and exploration; It does not erase the fact that it irritates me. IT IRRITATES ME ALOT!!! At times it has made me want to just give up on planning activities all together! However, in those moments when I see focused exploration and long attentions spans, I know my efforts are well worth it. 

In my experience as an Early Childhood Specialist and now a Mom to four I have some fabulous ideas to support focused play. At some point in my education journey I learned that a child's attention span is typically their age plus or minus a minute. That attention span changes drasti…