Foster Family Household Tips

As an early childhood teacher, I had anywhere from 4-12 kids under my primary care in the classroom. The days were often long and I was so grateful for great team teachers during parts of my journey as an educator. From my years of experience in the classroom, I thought I wanted a small a couple of children...maybe three. Here we are years later and we have four children of our own. In addition, our family recently stepped into the unknown of fostering again and welcomed three more Loves into our home. Our family was rolling 7 kids deep for 6 months!!! AND, the first night they were with us, I jumped on Amazon and ordered my first automatic 12 cup coffee maker. Gone were the days of slow brew French press coffee while coordinating this household of nine! The coffee was the first step in rearranging and organizing what was once "normal" in our home. I learned a few tricks while organizing a household of littles ages 2-11 years old. Come along with me as …

Be Brave in Foster Care

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of the dentist office with three little ones. All was going well until the dental hygienist walked us down the hallway and asked one of them to sit in the chair. Screaming ensued from the two little girls as if they were going to die. Then my youngest son stepped up and proudly sat in the chair with such bravery. The two girls continued their rampage with verbal protests interjected within their screams: "I don't want to," "I want to go," "I can't do it," "I'm not brave." I sat their holding them all the while feeling like they were mirroring the same thoughts and comments I had over the past 6 weeks.

Six weeks prior to this, we made a difficult decision to foster three siblings. We went from a family of six to nine over night (family pictured above with our three additions hidden due to foster care rules. There wasn't time for screaming and crying and refusing to just be brave. I…

Parenting the Broken

His warm little head rests on my chest as he breathes a sigh of relief. After a deep struggle with anger, he leans into the rhythm of my heart, his body is turned in towards me...legs wrapped around my sides. hold him in close. As I write these words I'm in tears trying to make sense of this brokenness. The thing is, I didn't want to hold him, I didn't want to rock him, I didn't want to be in the same room with him. BUT I knew it was the very thing he needed to help set him free from the scary emotions that held him captive.  

Our little four year old adopted son comes from a brokenness that I will never be able to heal or fully understand. THIS task is in the Lords hands. HE has simply chosen me to be this little one's mom. A privilege I often feel like I'm failing at. However, I'm reminded of the verses in Psalms 136. For the sake of sealing it in my own heart; I will type some the verses for you:

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endu…

Sensory Therapy For Kids

During dinner last night I was feeling a little over stimulated by the activity at the table. So, with my husbands willing hands, he sent me on a walk by myself. As adults, we can find ways to decompress and fulfill our need to process the moment, the day or even month that we're facing. However, this task is different for a child. These little hands and feet have not gained the skills that adults (hopefully) have. So, they need a present adult guiding them in this process of self-regulating. With these loving hands, little by little a child can begin to practice these skills on their own. A child's temperament will determine the best way to support them in this learning. 

My youngest little guy rarely has two feet planted on the ground at the same time. His motion is usually a run, jump or skip. Asking our son to walk is like asking me to stop eating chocolate. Slowing down is so very hard for him. Being active is simply part of his temperament. In my own simplified words, tem…