The Gift of a Simpler Time

When much is stripped away  It creates a cleansing of sorts. It strips you down to the basics.  Letting you see what you've been missing.  Where your priorities have been off 
Its where the Lord meets the heart  because you're finally still enough to listen.  In this simpler time.
And you wait.
The dust dissipates.  You settle into a new normal.

Looking around, you see.  The most important things are still there.   Peaking through.   You realize, the loss of the last months of middle school and kindergarten the canceled family birthday party weekend away, Michael BublĂ© concert and daughter's first sleepover... All pale in comparison to what really matters.  Your people.  Your family.  Your friends. 

You've been given time with no agenda.  The pace of your mind slows to your schedule. And your heart leans into a simpler time. 
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The warmth of a nice firepit can be so inviting. You gather around with family and friends ready for conversation and maybe a roasted marshmallow or two...or 20. This last summer, while gathered around such a fire, we thought it would be fun to create an illusion that we were roasting our son over the flames (photo taken several feet behind the BBQ). No one was hurt and it was hilarious. Silliness aside, it got me thinking: "where in our son's life are there situations when he is close to something that can consume like a fire?" What is something thats really inviting and beneficial these days but can also be dangerous? About two years ago, an incident occurred in our home that illustrates this danger real well. 
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Several months ago we took our Bigs to dinner and their first college football game while our two littles spent time with grandma and grandpa. As our dinner came to a close, my husband received an inappropriate text from an unknown person. He quickly turned his phone away from the table and slipped it back into his pocket. With a role of the eyes he said, "I need to show you the text that just came through." After we were all in the car, he asked me to delete the image and block the number. Unfortunately, it was an inappropriate image of a female. I quickly erased, blocked and perhaps halted any further phishing attempts. It was this incident that solidified our current decision to delay a smart phone for our oldest. 

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